Zen Meditation Scholar/Master. Striving to be less human, more being. Work-in-Progress
The Happy camper. R.I.P Abel, 91 til infinity. Don't play with Cancer. I will make art that
will spur a pan-african renaissance. I am Chainsaw TraQ, Rx Jones, Toke Caine, Karl
Chinaski, Young Jagaban.

Affiliations - SMG, 14K Triad, ZD, TBS/Smoke Time, Above The Influence, Double HK,
USM, Flight Skool.

Associated Acts - Nemo, Chela Blanco, TKO, Senator Enwhy?, yL, Terah, Sheva, Ree,
SiSo, StaQks, Tunny Hitler, AllieSMG, Skillzmania, Jurrgis, Lato, Eljon, Ace The Crunk,
Joe Godo, MixedBy100, Sinzu.